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Beach Bums

We love the beach! As you can see, it can be cold and overcast and my kids will not care a bit! They are in their suits and in the water sun or not. During the really cold winter months I don’t bring their suites, but sure enough the bottoms of their pants are wet! It;s the life of Nor-Cal beach lovers.

Sunday I just felt the need to get out of town. And of course everyone here is up for a beach trip! We grabbed “Auntcy” and headed up the winding mountain.

I love Stinson. I’d live there in a second! And I’m sure I’d never leave!

Jillian got her first taste of ice cream and Auntcy found her a Klean Kanteen with a zippy cup lid! The kids bought stickers for their boogie boards and Mary Rose is doing extra chores for money so she can save up to purchase a few sparkly goodies at her new favorite store.

Sunday was a wonderful day!

i LOVE the one of jane that you can see yourself in her eyes. super cool!

Love your new blog! So cool!!!!


I had a fun day, as they all are when I am with the Sossamans!!
I was telling the story of Maggie not liking the “leaves” on her pizza. That girl cracks me up!! thanks for scooping me. Love you.


ps love the new look…looks crisp.


I pray as I type this post that sweet Mindy is in labor! It is Labor Day! Maybe these guys will hear this and come out and meet all the people who love them so!

I am blessed enough to call Mindy of Sweet Marie Photography my friend. Before I even meet her she was bringing my children dinner while I was in the hospital. Goodness… I’m going to cry. I am so very thankful and excited to be at the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

I look at those images and I tear up. I see not only a stunning woman, but a giving person with a super huge heart. Mindy is caring these boys for their mom. She is holding them close to her heart and growing them safely so that these boys can finally snuggle in the arms of their mom. I am certain that these little guys are two of them most loved boys in the world.


holy cow batman!!!! these images are SO gorgeous! stunning.

She can not possibly be this beautiful…oh pardon…she is! Mindy, Love you girl! You are an angel from above! Sharon, these images are breathtaking and completely embody your style! Love you too!

Amanda Mays

It’s not often I come out of google reader to comment but holy cow is right! Awesome, Amazing, Loves!!!

Thanks Amanda! I miss you TONS!

Gallery Test

Mindy A

I absolutely LOVE your blog! And that pout face up above!! Ohhhhh my goodness, I about died!


Dawn Burgess

Super cute! Love the new look. Your pictures are always amazing.
Love you

Testing? 1… 2…

I swear I read somewhere that I was a few simple clicks away from a great blog! Between me and Jeramy… we’ve clicked well PAST a few! And that was a few hours ago! I’m sure I’ll be deleting this post and have a real official post tomorrow! OOPS! Make that later today! I’m just trying to get rid of the markers and put my stuff in for now! And I want to try a post!

I will leave some sugar!!!!! This is so cute, is Jeramy designing all this!!! LOVE IT!


I’ve been working on this all day! Jeramy? NO! Me!