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I love people!  I love getting to know people and especially kids!  Before I became a mother of five I was a pre-school teacher.  I’ve spent countless hours with all kinds of crazy kids!  From the ones who love with their teeth, to the sweet sensitive souls who want to sit next to you and just be close.  And how could I forget the ones who throw themselves on the ground kicking and screaming, or the performers who come back to school on Monday mornings singing all they lyrics to The Sound of ‘Moooosic”… I love and adore each and every one of them!

I don’t strive for that “perfect” shot where everyone is looking at the camera.  My approach is more of a documentary style of portraiture. Some may call it lifestyle photography, but no matter what you call it, I will not ask your child to, “say cheese!”  I always strive to make our session super fun!  Lots of silliness, kisses, hugs and giggles is what you can expect.  After one of my sessions a dad gave me the best compliment I could ever hope for.  He said, “that wasn’t at all what I expected! I had fun.”  That made my heart SO happy!

You should know however that I have no shame.  I will act silly and tell the lamest jokes E-V-E-R!  I will pretend to trip and I’m sure I’ll ask your child if there is a bug in my camera!  Remember I have five kids…so I’ve heard it all!  If a potty joke comes out of your child’s mouth, trust me, you’ll get no judgement here!  🙂   I am so thankful for the families who keep calling me back to capture their family.  They keep me on my toes because those kids remember my stories and jokes.  I always have to add new stuff to my repertoire…smart little buggers!

Session Info

Because my work is more of story telling than simply picture taking, you should be thinking of the story that you want to tell.  Do you want to have a session in your home where I’m a fly on the wall capturing the day to day uniqueness of your family and home?  Or do you have a place where you like to spend time outside?  It could be the park down the street or a hiking trail.  Are you an athletic family…then lets go play ball!  Did you meet you spouse in High School?  Lets take the kids and have a session where your story began!  The possibilities are truly endless and should be uniquely you!  Lets get together, get creative and capture YOUR story!

For children and families be prepared to spend at least couple of hours with me. For newborns it might take a tad bit longer.  I understand the need for potty breaks and snack time!  I also understand that sometimes kids just need to take a break and I have no problem with that! Newborns will need time to nurse and snuggle so they tend to take a bit longer.  The more you expect that, the more at ease you, your kids and your session will be.

I also want you to understand that I get kids have off days just like adults do.  We may have the ability to maneuver through those emotions a little bit easier, but for the kids, it’s the same thing.  I say all that to say…if your child is just having a hard time enjoying our session and none of my magic is working, lets reschedule.  And on the other side of the coin, on those cold days where it looks like rain, please bare with me and lets see how the weather is going to play out.  Sometimes on mornings where it looks so awful, the sun decides to come out at the last second and the clouds create an incredible backdrop.  So lets not jump to rescheduling too soon!  I guess what i’m saying is…the perfect day isn’t always….well, perfect.  But we can certainly make the most with what life hands us.  Agreed?  🙂

What to wear

Just know that when my family went to our local produce stand, my 3 year old was in a Minnie Mouse costume.  I’m all about expressing yourself with your clothing choices. No need for everyone to match. Unless of course you normally walk around matching each other!  On shoots that are outside of the home we tend to walk around a lot, so comfort is key.  I recommend you stay away from logo shirts that will date your photos.  If your child is big into Dora or Lightning McQueen maybe bring along a doll or a car for them to hold instead of dressing them in their favorite cartoon t-shirt.  There is no need to stress about clothes, but being creative with what you wear can really make your images pop!  Hats and headbands are fun!  Scarfs and my very favorite…and just try showing up in some rain boots if you want to see me giggle!  For newborns, you should have special blankets and hats on hand, but for the most part we’ll have them in their birthday suits.

How to prepare

If we are in your home, then great!  You’ll have all you need right there!  Be prepared that I may do a bit of rearranging of your furniture, but don’t worry…we’ll put it all back!  If we aren’t at home you might think of bringing a few things like any special stuffed animals or loveys, or maybe even a favorite picnic blanket.  Do you have a wagon you pull the kids in?  How about chalk or bubbles?  Balloons?  Don’t be shy or feel silly!  Get creative!  A rainy day shoot with colorful umbrellas?  How about bringing some baskets and picking blackberries?  We can even head to your house and bake a pie!  I love nothing more then to help you tell your story!  You tell me some of your ideas and we will work together to capture…YOU!

So, if you’d like to discuss your session with me personally, please click on contact link at the top of this page and shoot me an e-mail.  I can’t wait to hear from you!  Take care.

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