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Bye Bye Five.

Lets pretend I’m a good blogger and I’m not months and months behind. 😉   Maggie asked if I’d take pictures of her on her last day of being 5. I sighed deep and said, “I will if you want.” That was a lie. I tried to act all cool and said, “Hummm sure. Let’s […]

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Using MY Time Wisely ~ Momma Moments

I am not complaining. Not at all. And I totally get that everyone has a crazy life! I do sometimes think my life is more crazy then the next persons at times, but only because I’M not dealing with crazy the right way. Get what I mean? Can you believe I have a family of […]

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Always Right There.

Big kids at youth group, Jeramy at the gym and me at home with the littles. I had stuff to do and they were going crazy. And how could I blame them? The weather outside was lovely! And so was the light. I think outside was beckoning me too. I wasn’t getting anything done.  They […]

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