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Just in time for Mother’s Day!

A new momma!

Confession… I never had maternity pictures taken. I only had one pregnancy where I actually felt good, the rest I was so super sick and miserable I didn’t want any pictures taken. I’m kinda bummed I didn’t get them done. Not kind of… I am pretty bummed.

Pregnant women are just so pretty!

Maybe I should have anoth….

Just kidding! 

So here is the thing… if you are like I was, and don’t want to get pictures taken because you feel big and crummy, don’t let that stop you! Get those pictures taken. You’ll regret not doing it someday. Pregnant women are absolutely amazing! You are a walking miracle! That is something special to capture. It is the very beginning of your baby’s story! And an important chapter in your very own homegrown story.

And honestly, I feel like “maternity” pictures don’t have to be just for moms growing baby in their bodies… However you are building your family is special, and we can totally talk about how we can capture your story.


I really feel so blessed that Cassandra and Andrew asked me to capture this moment for them. I absolutely LOVE these images!




Myriam acfalle

Absolutely beautiful family! She is truly glowing


She IS Maggie’s pretty teacher! Beautiful shoot!

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