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Always Right There.

Big kids at youth group, Jeramy at the gym and me at home with the littles. I had stuff to do and they were going crazy. And how could I blame them? The weather outside was lovely! And so was the light. I think outside was beckoning me too. I wasn’t getting anything done.

 They needed a walk. I needed peace.

I barely got the question out, “How about we go on…”


As we started on our walk we heard a rather loud meow. Our Harley boy needed some love. It’s not often that he begs for a belly rub so when he does we are ever so happy to indulge him!


I think he maybe wondering why I’m not rubbing. 😉


Harley has always loved Jane.


While Jane was loving Harley the little ones were in search of ladybugs.


Doesn’t he have a massive paw?


He rarely plays. With all this loving and playfulness we couldn’t tear ourselves away.



Let me take a pretty picture of you!

Punk. 😉


Got one!


Show me your pretty smile!

Not happening. But, I roll with it, and get rewarded  with…


This amazing image! And…


This! Oh these curls!!


You’d never know we weren’t in a field of lavender. Can’t hardly tell we were in the road next to my neighbors overgrown lavender bush. 😉


We didn’t go on our walk, but we did enjoy each other and the evening. It’s amazing the fun you can find right outside the door!

First, you have to step out. Then you have to want to see it.

It’s just right there,

and always will be.


The peace I need is always right there.


Last Day of Summer

Jane yelled, "Don

Jane yelled, “Don’t tell momma! She’ll give her to the chickens!”

Jillian couldn

Jillian couldn’t believe she was out in the rain!


Jane didn

Jane didn’t want rain to get into her eyes.



She’s jumping pretty high these days!

Totally missed the focus on this one, but I don

Totally missed the focus on this one, but I don’t care.




Kids are Resilient.

So Jillian had her tonsils and adenoids removed yesterday morning. I’ll have a longer post in a few days, but I wanted to share one thing.
She is amazing.
In recovery as the anesthesia wore off my baby, who was just an hour before dancing lovely ballet dance for the Drs, in her backwards hospital gown, became a beast! I thought she was going to thrash her way out of my arms! Thankfully they gave her some meds that calmed her down a bit. Three different times! It was heartbreaking. Absolutely heartbreaking.
It gets better.
After round three it got much better. And a few short minutes later they wheeled a little boy next to her who very quickly woke up in the same wild manor Jillian did. The look of fear in her eyes! I had to giggle. She was actually worse then that guy. I leaned in close to her and told her that he was still sorta sleeping and once his medicine wore off he’d be better. Then she repeated, “Awe buddy! Ith okay! Ith the medicine it’d be okay soon. Ith okay.”
My heart burst in a zillion pieces.



A Rather Blustery Day ~ A Homegrown Session

Last night I thought our house was going to blow away. Can you tell I’ve lived in California most of my life? 😉 Anyone in Oklahoma would laugh at this wind. I was really hoping the wind would just stop for my session this evening.

A teen, toddler and 5 month old twins PLUS wind! I wasn’t sure… I had no reason to worry.

It took a minute or two to get this darling to open up… 😉 Three year olds don’t give you something for nothing!

Did you squeal? Ummmm… I’m pretty sureI did when I first saw them!

I’m not embarrassed! They are SO sweet!

Sweetness runs in the family. This big brother is really the sweetest guy! Reminded me SO much of my Brady. Look at him holding his baby bro and sis! Pure sweetness!

This image made me chuckle.

Annnnd she done.

Please know the toddlers run the show.

I KNOW!!!!!!

Three year olds are the best!!! And they know it!

Good looking family, right?

The twins… they melted my heart!

Not only handsome, but super sweet.

Potty breaks happen, and while we waited he showed me some of the images he took with his phone. The guy has an eye for photography.

One really great thing about these smart phones is it seems to be getting more kids into photography. I love it.


Pure sweetness.

What was really funny, and it always happens, once I’m ready to just work with mom and dad… the toddler is ALWAYS ready to get into the picture!

What you can’t see here is a certain little someone clinging to her daddy’s leg.

The sweetness just doesn’t stop! And really this is a small selection of the shots we got. So many little snippets of sweet tender moments… I love when I leave a session with my heart overflowing.


So sweet Sharon!


Love!!! I love the one with the kids sitting on the step. Great post!!

A Sweet Little Lady ~ A Homegrown Newborn Session

Oh this little girl… I love her. I was so excited for THIS session capturing the time right before she was born. Then when Andrew and Cassandra asked if I’d be willing to document their birth story I was over the moon excited! THEN when they asked me to capture their sweet daughter as a precious newborn… Lets just say I think I’m part of the family now. 😉

I like to photograph newborns while they sleep. Well, Miss C. loves me and didn’t want to miss a minute of fun while I was there. 😉

And her hands. She loves her hands.

There was something there… where did it go?

Look! Aren’t they lovely? And there is that thing! A thumb! They called it a thumb!

I love that thumb.

Watch! I’ll get it in  mouth and Miss Sharon will tell me how smart I am!

I wonder if I can fit them all in my mouth! If they think one is smart, just wait till I get all of them in my mouth!

I can do this!

Look at all her fluffy hair.

My momma is so pretty!

You just giggled! Right?

It wasn’t gas! She was having a wonderful dream.

The lip!

Just when I thought I had her hands all tucked in tightly…

I feel so blessed that I was asked to document this time.

Truly blessed.

Mindy A

I am IN LOVE! And oh that belly button. Swoon!

Leah M

Those hands! This is why I need another one.