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Using MY Time Wisely ~ Momma Moments

I am not complaining. Not at all. And I totally get that everyone has a crazy life! I do sometimes think my life is more crazy then the next persons at times, but only because I’M not dealing with crazy the right way. Get what I mean? Can you believe I have a family of […]

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Always Right There.

Big kids at youth group, Jeramy at the gym and me at home with the littles. I had stuff to do and they were going crazy. And how could I blame them? The weather outside was lovely! And so was the light. I think outside was beckoning me too. I wasn’t getting anything done.  They […]

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Kids are Resilient.

So Jillian had her tonsils and adenoids removed yesterday morning. I’ll have a longer post in a few days, but I wanted to share one thing. She is amazing. In recovery as the anesthesia wore off my baby, who was just an hour before dancing lovely ballet dance for the Drs, in her backwards hospital […]

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Completely Pitiful!

Right when I decide to make myself get back into taking pictures of the everyday things… my baby gets sick. Let me tell you, this was a nasty stomach bug! This was day three. I bought push ups and she actually perked up at the sight of this new fun colorful thing I was handing […]

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