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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Two Little Guys and Their Momma! ~ Suisun City Photographer

First off… There are photographers out there, (Lord bless them!) who don’t blog their favorite images. They save them for the client to see. I’ve tried that. It drives me nuts! I don’t blog all my favorites, but I can’t help but show a few. I get so excited about them! I squeal… I just […]

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She’s Two-ish!

Today is Jillian’s birthday! Whoo hoo! If i’m going to be real about it… it’s a very happy and sad occasion. It’s Jillian AND Anne’s birthday. I’m not going to lie or ignore my real feelings… this hurts. I miss my baby and I want to hold her… its been two years. My heart aches. […]

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Someone is… 2ish!

Her actual Birthday is this week, but her adjusted Birthday is in October. So… she’s kinda almost two. On her name tag at the gym is says 2ish. ๐Ÿ˜‰ย In some ways she’s very two and in others… she’s not quite caught up. I’ll explain more later. For now here is a little sneak peek of […]

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The 4th.

So this year our city allowed fireworks. Not the crazy ones that your dad would light and it would spin out of control under cars or right at you… the Safe and Sane fireworks. Safe and Sane fireworks? Is there such a thing? Our day started off slowly and little by little people came over. […]

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