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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Summer Shot List

Alright. I’m committing! I’m going to participate in Let the Kids Dress Themselves Summer Shot List.     Admittedly, I am so bad at these! But, I’m going to get this one done! Maybe Jeramy and I can tackle this list together! That would be fun! Here are a few of mine already… It’s a […]

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Hot Springs Creek

The kids loved the creek! The first year my big kids wouldn’t go pas their knees and this year they were splishing, splashing and swimming around! And Grace… Man she puts salmon to shame the way she can swim up stream! 😉 And Jane… she was thrilled she could hold her breath underwater. And just […]

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Camping Part II… The Hammock.

Yes. The hammock deserves its own post. I’ve never really been a fan of the hammock. Any hammock for that matter. How do you get in and out of them with grace and dignity? I’m so fearful of falling on my face every time I try to get in and out of one. Not Jeramy… […]

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Grover Hot Springs 2012

We went camping twice in one year! Thats a record for us non camping people! I’m even looking for a new tent! Have you seen how big these tents can be? They are actually calling them “Tent Cabins” I totally think we should get one! 😉 Jeramy kept calling this trip a vacation. I don’t […]

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Busy Bee’s!

We’ve been a busy little family these days! Not only do we have normal everyday things such as life and editing, today was that last day of school for Mary Rose and Jane. AND it’s Jane’s birthday! I’m telling you! The last week of school is crazy busy! But, this year was special… its Mary Rose’s […]

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