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Monthly Archives: March 2012

She’s Got the Ballet Bug!

In case you couldn’t tell… This is a graceful bow. 😉 For Maggie’s birthday ‘Auntcy’ bought her ballet lessons. She has been begging me since then to get her into “ballet class”, only the options for ballet class around here were a ballet combo class (She wanted ONLY ballet) Or, a real fancy ballet academy […]

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Princess Ballet

One of Maggies life long dream was fulfilled today… She got to go to a real ballet class!   I’ll have more to share soon. I just have to cull through 50,000,000,000 images I took of the 45 minute class and but that together with all the video I took. 😉 FACEBOOK | TWEETS | […]

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Coffee With a Friend

I had coffee with a friend today and decided to bring my camera. Each week I try to get Jillian over to play with the “Bruh-bers” at least once and today I brought my camera. One of these days soon I’m going to follow these guys and their siblings from the moment they wake up […]

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