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Monthly Archives: January 2012


Happy Tuesday! 1. I found my glasses… and lost them. Whats wrong with me? 2. Please pray for my one of my dearest friends, Lisa and her family. Lisa’s mom, Karen, is in Seattle getting ready to get her bone marrow transplant. Karen is the kindest, most loyalist, most sweetest person you’ll ever meet. And […]

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First, I’m going to embarrass myself… Ashely Ann commented on my blog! Freak out!   Okay. I’m done.   Jeramy worked on the hard drive issue and loaded the pictures from my card. Yeah!  Whoo too! Jeramy is the best most hottest computer guy I know! Thats why I hired him to work at here […]

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Ten on Tuesday!

1. I haven’t done a Ten on Tuesday (ToT) in like 50 years! 2. It’s Maggies 4th birthday today! How is she FOUR? I’d post pictures from her very last day as a free year old, but…. 3. My hard drives are all wonky and for some reason all the USB ports are being used […]

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A Very Random Post

~So… I’m freezing! I can’t stand when my feet are cold! I’m just cold all over and can’t get warm! ~Have I mentioned my fish tank? I love it! And I’m bitter that Jen has a bigger one then me!  I MUST blog my frog story! Or better yet… video Maggie telling the story! ~ […]

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I’m a bad blogger.

I can’t seem to catch a break! I’m hanging in there with the crazy life, but blogging seems to be something that just can’t get done. NOT that I think a million people read this tiny blog here, but I’d like to be better about blogging! I have fun family stories and great family shoots […]

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