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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Kitchen Closed Sundays

I love this sign! Jeramy remembers it hanging in his grandmas kitchen and my kids will remember it hanging in their kitchen growing up. I love that AND I love pointing to the sign on Sunday’s when I don’t feel like cooking. I think we might be the only family left with a box TV. […]

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Four Eyes!

Someone got glasses! I’ve never seen anyone so happy about it! ┬áMary Rose had to wait a week before they came in! Each day was a struggle! Every time the phone rang or I got a text her perfect little ears perked up to hear if it was someone calling to let us know her […]

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Beach Bums

We love the beach! As you can see, it can be cold and overcast and my kids will not care a bit! They are in their suits and in the water sun or not. During the really cold winter months I don’t bring their suites, but sure enough the bottoms of their pants are wet! […]

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I pray as I type this post that sweet Mindy is in labor! It is Labor Day! Maybe these guys will hear this and come out and meet all the people who love them so! I am blessed enough to call Mindy of Sweet Marie Photography my friend. Before I even meet her she was […]

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